Frequency Immersion Practitioner Introduction

The Frequency Immersion Practitioner training takes about a year to complete when staying on a regular schedule. Although each class is self-paced, it's possible to complete all assignments for the three modules within ten months if the work is done on a weekly basis. Here's what to expect for each module:

  1. Module 1 (Kingdom Creativity): This class includes 13 lessons with approximately 3 - 4 hours of homework per lesson.
  2. Module 2: This class includes 12 lessons with approximately 4 - 5 hours of homework per lesson. Upon completion of Module 2, there's an application and interview process to determine if you're ready for Module 3. Module 1 and 2 are possible to take concurrently if you're able to put in the amount of time necessary to solidify the concepts. 
  3. Module 3: This class includes 12 lessons with approximately 5 - 6 hours of homework per lesson. Upon completion of all homework, then the in-person training may be scheduled. This generally takes place outside the winter months because of north Idaho weather. 
  4. Certification! Once in-person training is complete, each new Frequency Immersion Practitioner will complete 30 sound baths and go through a final interview to finalize the certification process. 

Kingdom Creativity - Module 1 ($225)

Kingdom Creativity is for anyone who wants to learn more about their creative side whether they're a musician or not. In other words, being a musician isn't required! Do you dance? Are you an artist? How about flagging? Maybe you're an artistic metal worker or create items typically found at craft fairs. You learn in this class that as an "instrument of worship," whatever we create can be a "sweet incense" to Yahweh. 

In this course, you learn about the power of intent and how that "creates" all kinds of things in our lives - the good, the bad, and the ugly. What comes from our consciousness can make or break what goes into our creative process, which leads to some form of worship. Is that worship of self? Or, is it stepping into our divine nature as a Son of God? You'll learn how to function in the "come-up-here" principle of stepping into the heavenly realms daily as you walk through a healing journey that ultimately frees up your creative abilities. In addition, you'll "practice" creativity in a variety of forms because just like everything else in life, any natural gift must be practiced and further refined.  

Module 2 ($350)

In module 2, you'll receive more individualized attention. This is one reason the course is a bit more expensive. Here, you learn the following: 1) The musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters as part of the creative process (meanings of each letter, how that's represented in musical notes, etc.). 2) Understand musical intervals as they relate to meanings within numbers. 3) Each musical note carries its own property and has a meaning. 4) The importance of movement and motion as creative frequencies. 5) How these techniques are part of preparing sound baths for customers. 

Even if you're not a musician when you start Module 2, there needs to be a desire to "be musical" in your creative piece. Being a Frequency Immersion Practitioner involves the use of crystal bowls and percussion instruments in a spontaneous manner according to your personal style when producing sound baths for clients. What's within you will come through your sound baths. 

Most of the homework for Module 2 involves learning more details about how frequency is infused into our creative process. There's a lot of beginning music theory to prepare you for Module 3. In addition, there are some business models presented to help you become successful as an entrepreneur. 

Module 3 ($650)

After your application for Module 3 is accepted, you'll be invited to sign up for Module 3. If you're not accepted the first time around, that doesn't mean your not good enough. In most cases, people simply need a bit more healing in areas of their lives so they're not negatively affected by what's coming from clients. That's not possible to do unless we've reached a specific point on our health and wholeness journey where our emotional being is mostly stable. It's important for us to understand that what's within us can also affect customers. No one is perfect but we still want to be in a position when working with others that we don't feel drained of energy or "take on" what customers carry. 

Module 3 is all about taking what you learned in Module 2 and making it your own. All the forms you created are now catered to your own flavor. When it comes to individualizing your own style, you learn methods that work best for your personal situation. In creating frequency immersion sound baths, some people add keyboard parts. Others sing and include sound effects or create layers of additional instruments. Being a Frequency Immersion Practitioner allows you the freedom to cater every sound bath to individual styles and desires because they're all created spontaneously. Since no two clients are alike, no two sound baths will be the same either. This is one reason it's important to foster and fine-tune your personal creative side. 

You'll receive more individualized feedback along with the final bits of information that pull together all the missing links so when you arrive for in-person training, there's plenty of time for practicing. Finally, you'll get into the nitty gritty bits of recording sound baths, rending MP3 files, preparing the affirmations, and learning all the technical details prior to arriving for in-person training. 

In-Person Training ($1,500)

In-person training is scheduled upon completion of all the homework in Module 3. You arrive for training with all your paperwork ready so when you give sound baths (both online and in-person), you're not learning how to put all the needed pieces together. You'll generally complete 10 sounds baths during the training where you work closely with Del and another trainee. There's plenty of one-on-one time with Del where you learn the "musicianship" of playing all the instruments. It's possible to get many different sounds out of a crystal bowl! Del shows you how to do that.

The wonderful part of the in-person training is that you're housed and fed on site in a retreat center on the property. You'll have your own room in a space you share with another trainee. The fee includes training, food, and lodging. All training is done outside the winter months - preferably in the summer. 

NOTE: There are cats in the main house where the training takes place.