Meet Our Team!

The Frequency Immersion Practitioner training was developed by Del Hungerford through personal revelation intermixed with a good amount of research. However, much of that work couldn't be done without the assistance of willing participants who provided valuable feedback. Everyone needs a little help from friends, right? Joanne and Kathi are musicians who desired to delve deeper into the mystery of how musical frequencies can provide healing - spiritually, emotionally, and physically. This is how it all began... 

Enter stage left... Del Hungerford, who was armed with practical musical knowledge, revelation, and research, prepared methods of using her knowledge to assist those on their healing journeys. Enter stage right... Kathi, who was studying energy healing, approached Del, asking for training in her newly developed protocols. Enter center stage... Joanne, already trained in VST, wanted to join the party as well! Thus, the Frequency Immersion Practitioner Training was born on a cold January day of 2021 in the beautiful mountainous region of north Idaho. 

Del Hungerford

Del Hungerford

Del Hungerford is a trained classical musician who ventured into the deep waters of healing music as she walked her own healing journey. She discovered that she could have a "real time" relationship with Yahweh and not have to wait until she died to spend time in heaven. As she fostered an intimate relationship with the Trinity, she dealt with life's hard knocks and found spiritual. emotional, and physical healing in the process. Her music morphed from a classical style to an organic and spontaneous representation of what it's like to live and function from a heavenly perspective that's bathed in pure and unconditional love. After all, this new way of living is what brought her through a time in her life where she lived with extreme fatigue followed by losing her home through the process of eminent domain. 

As an academic, Del is used to delving into the strangest places looking for obscure information. Her creative side brings balance to the frequent bursts of intense drive that seeks for truth wherever it's to be found. Her life is now focused on exploring "all things frequency" and how that fits into music, the fabric of creation, and functioning as a mature Son of God. After all, when Del learned to let go of things that no longer served her, kicking fear, anger, frustration, and all their cuddle buddies to the curb, she began to walk in better health - spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

Del holds degrees in music from the University of Idaho (B.M), Yale University (M.M.) and the University of Washington (D.M.A.) She's taught in the public schools as well as at the collegiate level. In addition, she's performed as a professional clarinetist throughout the northwest. 

 Joanne Dusatko

Joanne is a trained musician and artist. For years, she painted professionally for companies that needed prototypes of various products. In addition, she's explored the many facets of healing music, studied the healing properties of gems, and produced her own music. She's trained as a Vibrational Sound Therapist (VST) and provides those services in her hometown of Chicago. 

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Joanne's kingdom journey began once she realized there was more depth to a relationship with the Trinity beyond what's presented in the standard church model. Her multi-faceted musical experience provided ample opportunities on various worship teams. She plays the acoustic, electric and bass guitars, percussion, and sings. She's highly sought after by worship teams because of her ability to tune into the leading of the Spirit. All of her music, she creates on her own from start to finish. 

Joanne's creative piece includes an innate ability to "hear" what's going on in the spiritual realm and release it into the physical. No matter what your belief system is, what you receive from her is laced with a love that comes directly from the heart of Yahweh. 

Joanne holds a degree in art with a minor in music (B.A.) from DePaul University.

Kathi Rabil

Kathi studied music as a vocalist in college and then did what many of us do - got married. That often puts a halt to what we feel is an end to our dreams. With a husband and five children in tow, Kathi focused on being the best wife and mother possible but never let go of her desire to sing. 

Along with her husband, Dick, they are setting up an energy healing center out of their home near Washington D.C. Armed with the latest technology and products that facilitate a deeper wholeness within the body, Kathi continually seeks to find the best alternative methods of healing. She includes nutrition along with an emotional sense of well-being as part of a healing "recipe." 

Kathi began to focus on her own healing journey, realizing that she can't take others to places she's not been herself. For anyone working in the healing arts, it's important we realize that what is within us resonates beyond us. Like the other Frequency Immersion Practitioners, Kathi continually walks through a deeper healing and paradigm shifting process that then allows a stronger release of the goodness of Yahweh into what she creates for others. Her songs are laced with limitless grace, Creator's unconditional love, and His infinite mercy. She created the vocal part and lyrics for the song "Peace in the River" on our album, Release!" Click on the album title where you can soak in the unconditional love of Yahweh while listening to the short sample.

Our story started out quite innocently. Upon finding out we're each musicians, it's like a duck being attracted to water. Musicians unite! Because all three of us are interested in the healing properties of music and run in the same Christ-centered mystic circles, it was during one of our training sessions that a new album came out of us, quite unexpectedly. We had to come up with a name for our group and decided to call ourselves the "Mystic Frequency Collaborative." There is no one leader because we believe in functioning as a team. Click on the link below to hear the story of our first album!

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