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What is a frequency Immersion Practitioner?

"Kingdom" Focused protocol

We realize that our creative gifts come from our Divine Creator. As we step into greater personal maturity where we learn to function from a place of unconditional love "in Him," what comes from within us flows into what we create. We step into the heavenlies while preparing each sound bath to bring the heart of Creator to each recipient. We do this through the "come-up-here" principle as described in Revelation 4:1. Perfect love casts out all fear! Our intent is that every sound bath is laced with love, healing, and anything a recipient needs to bring him/her into greater wholeness - spirit, soul, and body. 

learn to use a variety of instruments

To be a successful Frequency Immersion Practitioner, you learn to include your personal style within your creative side! This involves understanding that you are a creative, learning some basic recording techniques, comprehending a minimal amount of music theory, learning how to play crystal singing bowls, and working with a variety of percussion instruments. Being a musician is helpful but not required. If you are willing to put in some practice and have the ability to persist, you will succeed! Eventually, you'll want a full set of crystal singing bowls and a myriad of percussion instruments. Start collecting them now! 

in-person training!

Everyone starts out in the Kingdom Creativity class (Module 1) where you learn "kingdom protocol" as described above. Module 2 (Practical Application) involves learning the technical details of basic music theory, sacred geometry, gematria, and all the pieces that demonstrate the healing properties of music. 

Upon completion of the first two modules, there's an application process that determines if you're ready for the in-person training with Del. Upon acceptance, you enter Module 3 (Develop Your Style) where you further develop your personal style. At the end of the coursework, you travel to Idaho where you're housed and fed while giving sound baths to customers. Training lasts ten days and is conducted at the Healing Frequencies Music retreat center in Oldtown, Idaho, where Del lives and works. 

our process...

In this course, you learn that as an "instrument of worship," you already have within you the necessary tools to be a Frequency Immersion Practitioner! It's a matter of bringing out your creative side as you step into the heavenlies while learning to understand more about your identity in Christ. You will learn a lot about yourself in this process as you let go of things from your past that no longer serve you during this next season.

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It's always a good idea to sign up for sound baths so you'll understand the process. For each sound bath, you choose the notes that your being wants at that time. A song is created for you using those notes. Once the song is finished, you're emailed an MP3 file of the song along with affirmations for you to speak over yourself as a method of "cementing" into your being what your practitioner heard, felt, and sensed during your session. 

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Starting in Module 2: Practical Application, you learn the following: 1) The musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters as part of the creative process (meanings of each letter, how that's represented in musical notes, etc.). 2) Understand musical intervals as they relate to meanings within numbers. 3) Each musical note carries its own property and has a meaning. 4) How these techniques are part of preparing sound baths for customers. 


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You'll complete the Frequency Immersion Practitioner training directly on this website. Once you complete a lesson, the next one opens up for you. Videos are included within the downloadable PDF as well as within the course links. Post comments, ask questions, and work through the course here. Or, download everything since all links within the PDF's are clickable. Choose the method of study that works best for you!

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As part of your training, you'll work with Del and others who've gone before you!

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